Moving right along.. and onto the REALLY fun stuff!

With our planning phase nearly coming to an end, we're narrowing down on final selections to start our ordering process. We can hardly wait to see the space come together. Our favorite part of every project is when things finally start getting installed, and we see all of the hard work and planning from everyone involved finally start to take shape, as light fixtures turn on, tile gets installed, and paint (bright, bright colors in this case!) start to transform the space. Once the renovation is complete, we will be focusing on soft goods, and making the Feeney's home truly come alive. So, we are beginning to focus our efforts there shortly. We will begin our hunt for unique pieces to fill the space with some well deserved character (another one of our all time favorite parts of the process- we live for the hunt!). We are still actively seeking donations of any kind. I know some have reached out in regards to time donations, it's almost that time! We are sure we will need help on install day, you know, like they do on TV when "the big reveal" happens and when we take a more DIY approach to bringing this space alive. We are so thankful to of had such a great opportunity working with the Feeney's. See below for just another look into Shelby's life and those that surround her! Don't forget to keep checking back for updates, and if you're interested in participating be sure to visit the Go Fund Me page listed at the top of this page.