Boston Globe Magazine and Completion of Passion Project


Well, the time has finally come! We’re finally able to share the totality of the completion of the Feeney’s renovation with the public. The project will be published in this sunday’s Boston Globe Magazine, so make sure to grab your print copy!

In the meantime, here is a link to the article for everyone to read! We’ll be following up this post with our own rendition of the project, going into more detail on what went into the planning, the amazing universal design features that were included in the project, and the ways that it has made life easier for the Feeneys!

You can check out the project as a whole in our portfolio under Passion Project.

We can’t wait to share in more detail all of the amazing elements of this project. We plan to share resources for people to find more information on universal design and ways in which you can adapt these tactics to your own home. Because remember, universal and inclusive design is good for everyone. It makes life easier. Make sure to check back, and in the meantime, grab yourself a copy of the Boston Globe this weekend!

Young Jackson Pollocks

The walls are up, our designs are in their final stages, and we’re almost ready to get some furniture in there! Our goal for this project was to allow each member of the family to be involved in the design process.  Being on a strict budget we had to think up creative ways for us to still achieve a well designed space, that looked nice but also encouraged  the girls to play and be kids. We wanted to have the girls create something that we could use in our scheme for the house. We tried to think of something that the girls would like doing that we could also get the best results with, So what better way to do this then through abstract art. The girls had an absolute blast with this and in return we got some really amazing pieces. We cant wait to hang them in the finished spaces!! Hopefully coming soon 


Moving right along.. and onto the REALLY fun stuff!

With our planning phase nearly coming to an end, we're narrowing down on final selections to start our ordering process. We can hardly wait to see the space come together. Our favorite part of every project is when things finally start getting installed, and we see all of the hard work and planning from everyone involved finally start to take shape, as light fixtures turn on, tile gets installed, and paint (bright, bright colors in this case!) start to transform the space. Once the renovation is complete, we will be focusing on soft goods, and making the Feeney's home truly come alive. So, we are beginning to focus our efforts there shortly. We will begin our hunt for unique pieces to fill the space with some well deserved character (another one of our all time favorite parts of the process- we live for the hunt!). We are still actively seeking donations of any kind. I know some have reached out in regards to time donations, it's almost that time! We are sure we will need help on install day, you know, like they do on TV when "the big reveal" happens and when we take a more DIY approach to bringing this space alive. We are so thankful to of had such a great opportunity working with the Feeney's. See below for just another look into Shelby's life and those that surround her! Don't forget to keep checking back for updates, and if you're interested in participating be sure to visit the Go Fund Me page listed at the top of this page.



Breaking Ground

Progress has been made! Ground has been broken, and foundation has been poured. The girls left their mark in the foundation, leaving the family intertwined from the ground up! Here's a few progress shots. The building permit has been obtained, and framing will be starting up soon. On the design side of things, we've begun selecting finishes, and completing the planning for the kitchen and bath layouts. In collaboration with Bellew Tile, we're making some great progress on picking beautiful tile for the new addition. The girls also reminded us not to forget a place for them to play legos! We're getting there!

Our client also shared a blog post she wrote, on her experience with the design process, what a great perspective she has!


Like every design project, we started by dreaming. And let me tell you, there was no lack of this from the Feeney family. This step needs little to no explanation. The videos below are proof of how excited these girls are about their new renovation! And keep reading to see our concept board, for a glimpse into the feeling of the finished space.