Art Talk

Finding art for a space is one of the hardest things to do when designing a room. Whether you are using the piece of art as the inspiration for the room or the finishing touches its important to understand how to choose the perfect piece. Choosing art adds this certain pressure to find the right piece that adds character and depth to the space. When it comes to buying art you want it to speak to you, there’s nothing worst then hanging up a piece of art that doesn’t evoke any emotion.

3 Things To Keep In Mind: 

Color:  The overall color scheme of the room plays an important role when selecting art. If the room is filled with neutral colors and straight lines you may consider a piece that adds a little color to the room. On the other hand if the room is full of color then you may want to stick to a more neutral piece, that acts as a visual break. A black and white photograph or a monochromatic painting would be great neutrals that still add some emotion and depth to the space. 

Scale: The scale of any piece is arguably the most important rule of thumb when it comes to sourcing art. The worst thing is to come home with your favorite piece and realize that its too big for the space, or worst, that its just foaling in the middle of your wall. The best ways to avoid this problem is measure the space and then bring the measurements to the store with you.

Meaning: As I stated above, its important that you truly love the art that you decide to hang on your wall. You want it to share a story that speaks to you, because in the end the job of art is to evoke a certain type of emotion from its viewer. A good safe choice for art is photographs of your family.