Exploring Chicago

I've always wanted to go and explore Chicago. I'd heard about the rich culture of art and design (right up my alley) and never got around to going. I finally bit the bullet and bought plane tickets and went to explore this past weekend... and what I found was amazing! I'm officially obsessed with the city. 

I'm an avid reader of The Everygirl blog, if you haven't heard of it, i suggest you do so. They are based in Chicago and offered a weekend itinerary for visiting, and that's what I based my trip off of. They really nailed it! I wasn't disappointed with any of the restaurants, shopping areas, or the hotel we stayed at. So.. let me take you on a little journey of my weekend. Oh, ps... totally moving to Chicago at some point since I absolutely fell in love with the city. And if you aren't considering moving there, I highly recommend going for a long weekend. It was really easy to get to, only two hours from Providence and Boston! 

Woke up at 2am to catch the 5:30 flight. Early, but totally worth it for the cheap fare and no loss of a day when you get there!

We were starving upon arrival so decided to go to The Little Goat Diner after checking into our hotel, the Wit, which was located right downtown next to the train stop. Unbelievable food, and of course, adorable interior design. 

And as if the first coffee wasn't enough.. I couldn't resist getting another one an hour later when I came across the Doughnut Vault. My word of advice for this place: Definitely worth it, but get there early if you want a donut.. they run out so fast! 

Of course a weekend in Chicago is meant for shopping.. so strolling the Magnificent Mile was of course a necessity. Also, if you're in town at the right time.. you HAVE to get to the Randolph Street market. So many finds & great enpanadas and millions of other snacks. 

Definitely worth taking a trip to Armitage Ave if you are looking to get in some good shopping. Make sure to leave yourself plenty of time! Especially on the weekends, stuff closes around 5 or 6. Don't make the mistake we did and get there too late that you can't get to every store! And of course, you'll probably need a snack, so make sure to stop at Le Pain Quotidien, that was our favorite!

Oh, and of course you can't forget about visiting the main sites, like the bean and the Art Institute of Chicago. We also loved visiting the cultural center, because there was is an architecture event going on in Chicago until January. So many great things about this city. The weekend basically consisted of food and shopping. Looks like I'm going to have to go back again since I didn't get to everything on my list... but here are some more of my favorite parts of the weekend...

Parisian Perfect

Going to Paris was one of the most inspirational places I have been to. Not only for interior design and fashion but also my way of life. Paris has this very subtle sophistication to it, it makes you want to live you life in a simplistic classy way. People watching from a small bakery over a cup of espresso was one of the greatest experiences, everyone just oozed this super fashionable, confident life, and it was refreshing. It was an amazing feeling to be inspired on not only a visual level but also on a philosophical level as well.  Nothing was overdone; every café had this clean lined, simplistic look with exposed wood beans and subway tiles, and it seemed that everyone was wearing black, but each silhouette was different from the next, it was all so cohesive. Take a look below at some of my favorite Parisian influences for fashion and home. 


Menswear Inspired Interiors

I am constantly trying to pull inspiration from fashion for different interior design projects. And then the other day I was flipping through a magazine and came across this amazing ad from Tom Ford advertising menswear, and that’s when it hit me, I usually only use women’s fashion as an outlet for inspiration when I should be using both men and women. There are many different color combinations and layering techniques that are never really seen with women’s fashion, so it’s important to look at both men and women’s fashion. Take a look below to see how you can translate men’s fashion into your next room.