Benjamin Moore Color of the Year: Simply White

And white does it again. Seriously.. it never fails me. This year's color of the year for Benjamin Moore is Simply White. I mean c'mon does it really surprise anyone? It's pretty clear that white has been the trend for most of this year in kitchen, baths, furniture, and paint; and I don't mind it. I'm in love with the minimalist, Scandinavian, organic feel of this years white trends. Less is more they say and this is definitely true with the simple, white trend that has been all the rage.

Anyways, I think that this will be one of those trends that define our era, because really, you can't go wrong using white as opposed to a dramatic color that will probably go by the wayside. I think it's safe to say that neutrals and whites will always be one of those timeless ideas we can let stick around for a while. I may be biased, but, I think it's true. So much flexibility and unrestrained design ideas are welcome when using white as the base. Think about it... most design ideas begin in black and white and transform with color after that; think about where photography began. So.. use this so called "trend" as freely as you desire because even when the trend seems to fall away, the use of white will never be wrong in my book. 

The most successful uses of white...