The Man Cave

If you're anything like me you want a beautiful, unique home that reflects your personality and lifestyle. I mean.. who wouldn't? But.. that comes with challenges... like boyfriends/ husbands/ brothers/ male roommates. You see.. most boys (and I'm making a generalized statement here according to my personal experiences) want that big leather couch with the built in cup holders and recliner seats that set them up perfectly for the Sunday football game. Now.. as "functional" as this may be... it can really put a damper on your design. 

So.. here's my advice. Throw them in a room in the corner of your house or preferably in the basement and let them do what they wish. With a little pushing and prodding though.. the man cave could become the coolest feature of the house. Functionality is key though.... because they just don't get it. I have a prime example of how boyfriends and well designed houses don't mix, and why compromises like a decked out man cave needs to happen. Here I am.. studying and becoming an interior designer.. and my own boyfriend claims that it's totally logical and possible to find the perfect couch for $200 on Craigslist.. like what?!? If it was up to me and I had an unlimited budget.. yes I would be purchasing that $10,000 white rug that would probably get damaged if it completed the design aesthetic I was looking for. But, that's not gonna happen with the Craigslist mentality. Hence, one must mask that with functionality. In the end.. they could care less what it looked like as long as there is a great setup and a TV larger than the room itself to watch the big games with their buddies. So.. here it is... my best shot at helping you get a man cave that your man will never leave (a plus I know! (; ) and one that may end up being the best room in the house.