Mid-Century Modern: A look back to the 1950's

I'm sure we're all aware of the Mid-century modern trend seen almost everywhere right now. But what most of us don't know is the history behind it. So.. as much as I despise history here's a little Mid-Century Modern 101 to kickstart your Wednesday. Sometimes understanding the history behind something can make you truly appreciate it. 

Mid-Century Modern began in 1933 and went until about 1965. But, the style is defined by the 1950s. It began during a time where the US was the worlds strongest military power, and people began migrating towards the suburbs. It was a time filled with peace and prosperity and the fight for racial equality was at the forefront of American life. Palm Springs is most well known for Mid-Century modern style homes, but the style emanated all over the US. Mid-Century Modernism has its roots in Japanese design, Scandinavian design, and some Brazilian inspiration. People like Frank Lloyd Wright, Gropius, Le Corbusier, and Van der Rohe defined the style. Some of the design elements we loved today began in the 1950's. Things like open floor plans, multiple windows, post and beam architecture, and the focus on connections to the environment and the user. 

My favorite architect of the Mid-Centruy Modern time period was Eero Seraanin who was the Finnish- american architecture who designed the Gateway arch in St.Louis and the TWA Flight Center at JFK airport. He's also famous for his furniture design the tulip table and chairs- probably one of my most favorite pieces of furniture. 

Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe mentioned earlier was the one who said "less is more", and he designed our beloved Barcelona Chair. Another AMAZING designer of Mid-Century Modern was Arne Jacobsen- he designed the egg chair and the grand prix chair, among many other amazing industrial creations. 

Never thought I would say this.. but sometimes history is cool, especially in design when we see these trends come back in new forms. But, being able to truly appreciate the styles you decide to place in your home will make your design that much more rewarding. 

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