Kid's Corner

Designing kid's bedrooms might just be one of my favorite things. There is so much design opportunity available in these rooms, simply because they allow for fun, pattern, color, and so much more than we would normally put in a space. But, sometimes it can become too much. So, it's important to find a balance between a design that is livable and fun, and one that is completely out there, and too over the top. Today, I'm gonna help you decide where to draw the line. 

So, we all see those amazing wall coverings that might seem like too much to put anywhere in our home, but they are just so much fun, that we need to find a place. Well, this is where I say GO FOR IT. You're kids room is the perfect place to experiment with crazy pattern and color on the walls. Kids have a lot of energy, which should be reflected in the design of their room, so therefore, I say do it!

What to avoid:

Now, we all love those crazy ideas, like having a ship built into the architecture of the room, or a full playhouse shaped around the bed. Here's an idea that sounds good, but isn't the best design choice simply because kids grow up. Ideas like this are extremely hard to change.

Learn from my personal experience... I decided it would be a great idea to make my room beach themed at age 12. I mean c'mon, what kid doesn't love a themed room? So, I convinced my contractor dad of the plan and we began the work. Now I didn't just want a beach theme, but I wanted my room to actually transform into a beach (thank you trading spaces boys vs girls for the inspiration!!).. aka.. I wanted sand on my floors, with plexiglass covering it so that it looked like and actually was sand.. IN MY ROOM! how cool. Well, my dad didn't think so because he explained to me that the cleanup wouldn't be easy when I more than likely changed my mind a year later. Well, he knew me too well. I cried explaining that he was ruining my design. Yes, I was a feisty little designer starting at age 12. So, I said fine, and settled for putting sand on the walls. So that is what we did.. we got the newest sand colored paint that actually had real sand in it to give a texture, and we painted the bottom half of my walls with this. The blue, ocean color top of the wall was separated from the sand with a bamboo chair rail. And yes, I mean real bamboo sticks that I made my dad cut in half and install on my walls. Well, my room was a dream.. up until 2 years later when I told my dad I had matured out of the beach theme and needed to paint my walls.. and there I found myself sanding off the sand paint for two weeks listening to my dad say "I told you so". That's when I learned that go big or go home is not always the best advice for designing a room. Keep designs simple but fun. And keep in mind... your kids will grow, and they will want their room to grow with them. Find temporary fixes to your kids big ideas.

 Furniture (rugs included).

 Now, this stuff can be an investment as furniture and rugs aren't cheap. So, choose pieces that can stick around for a while. Find staple items that can be used in the future, even if it means moving it to a different room. It's all about the transition when it comes to kids rooms. Make the room fun using paint, wall coverings, accessories, etc.; things that are temporary and easy to replace.  

Keep the room with the style of the house. Don't make a space that scares your guests away when they open the door. Scary to think about, but one day, your kids will grow up and move on, go to college, etc. But, their room is going to stay with you. Now, as a recent college grad, I know that I would probably murder my parents if I came home and they took over my bedroom- might have something to do with the fact that according to me, it's perfect, but I don't want you to get stuck in this rut. So, this is why it's important to keep the design simple, and something that can be easily used as a well-designed guest room as well once your kids are gone.