A day late and a dollar short: Designing on a dime

Ah.. I'm starting to think I should get "a day late and a dollar short" tattooed on my forhead. As many of our avid blog readers know, we usually post to the blog every Monday/Wednesday/ Friday, but sometimes life gets in the way. Like yesterday for me for example, so I apologize for being a date late. 

And in terms of being a dollar short, that's what I'm going to talk about today. Although most of us strive to get that designer look, we don't all have the budget for what we want. So people... welcome to the world of manipulation where anything is possible, including making your home designer- worthy without the price tag. 

Steps to a designer-ready home on a budget.

Step 1: Paint. You see, a fresh paint color is the start to a complete re-do. The effects of a fresh coat of paint are mind-blowing. My favorite are neutral colors, and this will be especially important when it comes to todays goal: designing on a budget. Color comes with low cost pillows and accessories people, come on! Although the Farrow and Ball colors are truely amazing, offering more pigment varieties than most, color match is your new best friend. Although it might not be perfect due to the excess pigment colors that Farrow and Ball uses, you can probably get close enough. Color changes with light anyways so.. you can make it work (manipulation remember!). Pick colors, and get to painting. You'll see the transformation happening right before your eyes. 

 Step 2: Study. Design magazines, Houzz, Pinterest, HGTV are all your new best friends. Study what makes a well-designed room. To do this is simple.. find pictures your like on design resources, and look for similarities between them, and apply these to your space. For example, I love looking for furniture layouts. Some of the best designers use similar furniture layouts. Below are a few of my go-to set-ups. And remember.. don't over do it. Less is more. Trying to squish too much furniture into a space is a recipe for disaster. 

Step 3: Source. Shop. I'll lump these into one. The key to designing on a budget is the willingness to be patient and search for the things you want. For example, if you see a designer light fixture you can't live without.. search for it. You might find it from somewhere on sale, or somewhere ridiculous like Craigslist. People have to get rid of some great designer stuff too you know! A great example of this too is Target! Target is now selling some great brand name home stuff. I used to love Uttermost as a designer resource, and now most of the things I used to source for clients are available from Target! Who would have known. Anyways... search and you shall receive. Don't forget about places like Etsy.. if you aren't too crafty yourself, you can find some really crafty people out there who can do it for you!

With these three steps... you'll have a designer ready home in no time. It's a tough battle, but with some perseverance and determination, anything is possible! Even your designer quality room on a less than nothing budget.