Road Trippin': Guide to South Carolina & Savannah, Georgia

I've wanted to go to Charleston, Hilton Head, and Savannah, Georgia since before I can remember, so finally this Spring Break my mom and I decided to go on a last minute road trip down South. We called it a "business trip" but really we were aching for some Vitamin D. We found a great deal in Hilton Head, at the Westin Resort, and it was the perfect location to stay right in between Savannah and Charleston. Sometimes the last minute trips can get you some great deals! We were able to stay at the Westin for just over $100 a night, which was normally upwards of $500. 

Now, I can't say that I would recommend the actual driving portion of the journey. We sort of just got in the car and drove, unaware that this ride really was truly going to be upwards of 16 hours! I would probably fly next time. But, driving did give us the flexibility of having the car and stopping as we wished. 

After 16 grueling hours in the car, we made it to Hilton Head. Now, the Westin was a dream resort. There were three pools, multiple restaurants, and it was right on the beach. I think we lucked out on the timing of our trip because this apparently was the end of their low season. We got upgraded to a corner room with an ocean view, which of course we didn't mind. Also, points to the Westin for their sustainability initiative- if you didn't have the housekeepers completely clean your room every day, you would get a $5 reward for each day, which meant free coffee at their on site Starbucks (another bonus)!


So, we spent the week exploring Hilton Head, which as you probably know, is definitely all about golf and the beach. Unfortunately, my mom and I don't golf so we spent our time at the pool and the beach, and shopping. We discovered the cutest little town called Bluffton, which is about 15 minutes away from Hilton Head- in between there and Savannah. There are galleries, shops, and restaurants. If you decide to stop by you must, you MUST get a caramel macchiato at the Corner Perk Cafe- by far the best one I have ever had... and trust me I drink a lot of coffee. This little stop is definitely worthwhile if you are in the area! It's home to Spartina's flagship store as well. 

I was able to get a rack of ribs and some cornbread at the Smokehouse in Hilton Head, which I highly recommend. We searched out places on the water to eat and our favorites were the Salty Dog Cafe and the Skull Creek Boathouse.


We took a day trip to Savannah from Hilton Head, which in our opinion, was just enough time to get a feel for the city. We did a lot of shopping and exploring the streets of the city. The Paris Market was a MUST SEE, as well as 24e Design Co., which could quite possibly be my favorite home boutique to date. One Fish, Two Fish was another good home store. The streets were filled with cute shops, and of course taking a stroll through Forsyth Park to see the beautiful trees was worth it.  


After spending a few more days exploring Hilton Head, and soaking up the sun rays, it was time to start our journey back. Luckily, we still had our visit to Charleston on the list of places to stop. Unfortunately, we only had a day there and I probably could have used a week, or a permanent move. The houses on Battery Park were INCREDIBLE, and I definitely wouldn't have minded moving into one of those for good. The main shopping street, Kings Street, was filled with cute boutiques, and was definitely a prime shopping destination. You can't go wrong with finding the perfect store if you stroll up and down that street. Be sure to check out Candlefish, a new store in Charleston which allows you to pick out your own personal candle flavor. And if that isn't enough, you can stick around for one of their candle-making classes and learn how to make one yourself. I could list a bunch of great stores here, but it's probably best you go and explore yourself, I promise you will find some along your way. Also, be sure to make a stop at Sugar Bakery, which is close to Kings Street and The Commons Home store, nestled away near downtown. With all that shopping, your bound to need a lunch break, so check out our favorite sandwich spot, Butcher & the Bee. My favorite thing about Charleston of course was the mansions on Battery Park, so naturally I'll have to share all of those with you so you can help me to vote on which should be my future humble abode.


Now, we didn't plan to make Baltimore a stop on our trip, but thank god we stopped there to get gas. In doing so, we came across the BEST architectural salvage place I have ever been to called Second Chance. Definitely worth stopping in if you are ever in the Baltimore area! 

Now... start searching and plan your next road trip. There are tons of great places to explore only a car ride away!!