Juhani Pallasmaa described the first sensation the body gets when touching the front door handle is similar to that of a handshake, and that the handshake of the building was the first impression of the home. Well Juhani, as brilliant as your thoughts on architecture are in forming the design worlds ideas about the senses and the design experience, did you ever consider the idea of the residential foyer as the first impression? Yes, the door handle lets you get your first impression of the home, but the foyer allows you to peel back that top layer and really get to know someone, or the home inhabitants in this case. Our foyer should define us. Our foyer should be us. Design, like art and fashion, is a personal experience, and a way to project our thoughts, feelings, and ideas onto the world. What better place to do this than in the entrance of the home. Maybe you are an abstract art aficionado, or a sculpture collector. Whatever your artistic passion, let it set itself free in the pieces you meticulously choose to place in your foyer.